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Submitting your painting

We hope that all members will submit a photo of one of their paintings, with a few details about the painting, and about themselves. Exhibit your paintings to the world!

Details should be emailed to Katie with a photo of your painting attached. Photos should be of good quality and of a reasonable size (at least 640x480 pixels - or 480x640). Please quote your membership number.

If you can't email details and photo, you can always bring written details along to one of the monthly demonstration evenings. You can either bring a painting to the meeting and I will take a photo (I always bring my camera), or bring a photo and I will scan and return it to you.

Details required: Artist's name, Title of painting, and Medium.

Additionally, it is nice to have a little about the artist - how and when you started painting, what mediums you work with, whether you exhibit or sell, how long you have been a member, and why you chose this particular painting.

To get us started, and give you an idea of what to put, I have put up the few I have so far. Hope you all like it, and looking forward to seeing more soon.

Email Katie

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